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20 January 17:49 ATHENS [ and with the Ottoman Erdogan's Sharia Nazi That HAS declared That he wants to annex Greece Egypt half russia and half of Europe such as: do we do? ] The interim president of the Egyptian Adly Mansur is for today in Athens meet the president of Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias and Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. The visit of Mansour in Athens followed to that made the 26th of August to Cairo by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos greek part of a European initiative and wants to strengthen contacts with the EU in the moment where Greece Has the presidency of turn.

if aggression of kind ( to of out of every democratic rule ) institutions had taken place Europe? not would be tolerated! ] Kiev: 200 injured in clashes hospitalized 103 protesters 20 January 17:42 KIEV [ all the democracy That Salafi Ottoman Europeans the UN the Arab League Bildenberg Masonic system Merkel Obama NATO and lizards Spa ECB FED IMF Nwo Herman Van Rompuy esoteric agenda google AI micro-chip GM Morgellon are exporting Ukraine ] is of about 200 injured in clashes between police and protesters That still in the center of Kiev from early afternoon of yesterday. for the department of health the Ukrainian capital 103 protesters have resorted to medical care and 42 ares were admitted to hospital. The Ministry of the Interior to speak of his time 100 police officers injured of including 61 patients. for the National Institute for the information of mass addition 15 journalists have remained involved in the clashes.

That one you did Syria that is a military aggression? is the same thing That you 're doing in Ukraine! this not is the democratic opposition that is an shot of the State! [ Full democracy That Salafi Ottoman Europeans the UN the Arab League Bildenberg Masonic system Merkel Obama NATO and lizards 666 Rothschild Bush 322 Kerry Spa ECB FED IMF Nwo Herman Van Rompuy esoteric agenda google AI micro-chip GM Morgellon are exporting Ukraine ]

20 January 16:17. RIYADH Saudi Arabia Iran's regional power rival challenges ( That most and rightly so) the call by the UN Secretary General Iran to participate in the upcoming conference of peace of Syria ' Geneva 2 '. " Each of invitation to the conference Geneva should be tied to acceptance of an the (future) government of transition " to Damascus HAS said an spokesman of government of Riyadh. " By failing to adopt publicly such a position it is the conclusion Arabia Iran disqualification to participate." [ In fact is why if Iran should be invited not is was he That HAS attacked Syria? and since Satanists Americans have blessed the aggression of Saudi Arabia and of tea its terrorists Nazis ( the entire galaxy jihadist ) of genocide sharia then is That more just That both SAUDI ARABIA to participate in the conference of peace! After all only Saudi Arabia That Has started this war can do to stop! ] But also of government transition not you could never do if not all Syrians not all come from Syria IMMEDIATELY. That I say Assad wins of new elections That the Government of prepare transition who wants to bet against of me?

my YHWH. more an article seem insignificant? is more than that it appears to be an important article! let's see if then the Salafist Wahhabi king is able to call into head head of all innocent Christians That macaws were beheaded its values ​​jihadists all the massacres facts and the blessing and happiness of the Pharisees Anglo- Americans Spa IMF Nwo.

20 January 15:00 BEIRUT [ king saudi arabia you have all my sympathy in fact when not was invented language? [ evolutionists say ] the men were forced to use the club for understand among of them but in the your specific case if someone has to understand the Koran by of you? then the Quran will be a boiata! and if someone dovessere believe in god through of you? then he would be the first to become an Satanist! fuck Wahhabi ] Three people are and death are 39 were injured in the night to Tripoli in the north of Lebanon where macaws resumed armed clashes between factions favorable and contrary to the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad. Are shootings which took place between militants of district of Bab el Tabbaneh to Sunni majority supporters of the Syrian revolt and of that the Jabal Mohsen inhabited mostly by Alawites in solidarity with Assad That belongs to their own confession.

Hello lorenzojhwh-There is a new petition on That we believe may be of interest: Constitutional Court Marijuana and heroin not are the same thing. Fini-Giovanardi is declared unlawful. Fabrizio Cinquini. Sign the petition. in a law of Italy and in 2006 commissioned by Gianfranco Fini Carlo Giovanardi Has equated and hashish marijuana to cocaine and heroin. are an doctor and HAS cultivated marijuana to and for therapeutic purposes of search for this reason the Fini- Giovanardi the legitimacy of which will soon be pronounced an verdict by the Constitutional Court I HAS in fact finish prison. On 30 September 2013 about 64 thousand 25 thousand prisoners were well inside for the violation of drug law. in the 2012 according to the Department of the drug policy for the 77 percent of the reports made by the prefects to Sert Has competent involved cannabis. Organized crime also manages always an important part of the trades and of sale of tea soft drugs. On 11 February the Constitutional Court to followed of an ordinance of Court of Appeal of and Rome of the Supreme Court will address the issue of the constitutionality of Fini-Giovanardi law and will decide if removal or That less the norm HAS equalized the penalties for the possession and smuggling of tea soft drugs to those provided for the detention and the company store of the hard drugs. The Court of Appeal Has place of doubt the constitutionality of Fini Giovanardi law under the procedural aspect of and about of violation of European legislation (where for criminal sanctions relating to drugs and read is also outlined different sanctions regime in what their degree of harmfulness is different). My name is Fabrizio and are an doctor who specializes in vascular surgery. Has begun to cultivate for therapeutic and research for cure myself from hepatitis C contracted on the work in the 1997 when workers in emergency to edge an ambulance patient with the virus. After reporting himself for myself cultivation of cannabis macaws was arrested for in months of waiting judgment and therefore condemned to 6 years old and to the payment of 30 thousand of euro fine plus court costs with perpetual disqualification from public office. in Italy with the Fini-Giovanardi law and we filled the jails fueled the illegal trade. Decriminalizing domestic cultivation of and cannabis possession of the amount of medium drugs svuoteremmo prisons. That wonder That the rule is abolished HAS equalized the treatment of sanctions and soft drugs hard drugs. The abuse of soft drugs undoubtedly produces harmful effects but not in the greater extent of those caused by the abuse of alcohol and tobacco. in the 2013 states of Washington and Colorado in the U.S. have legalized through an popular referendum on personal consumption of marijuana and in Uruguay to short marijuana will be sold directly on the counters of pharmacy. That is calculated the State of Colorado gain of approximately 60 million dollars thanks to the legal trade of cannabis which result in a significant decrease in the importation of marijuana from Mexico and then the destruction of an important market illegal. Why not take also in a policy of Italy reduction of the penis for the detention of tea soft drugs until the complete cancellation of the administrative penalties for consumers of tea derivatives of cannabis? Standardize the distinction of treatment of sanctions including and soft drugs hard drugs would empty the prisons and seriously undermine organized crime in favor of an of the gain cases of the state. Get along to me of the Constitutional Court declare the Fini- Giovanardi illegitimate. [ Ok I'll HAS satisfied! is necessary to decriminalize small individual crops and leaving the state the management of Marijuana ]

01/20/2014 00:14 [ the real Turkey the people is in place for to defend freedom on the internet the secular constitution and are fighting against the police of the Nazi Salafis Ottoman Erdogan the international Criminal ] of the Europe Freemasons Bildenberg UN Arab League HAS eyes only for Israel That looking anxiously his land for to live in safety but the most vulgar Nazism imperialist international terrorism of galaxy jihadist That produces hundreds of dead every day all killed in the name of sharia worldwide caliphate? not it fails to see! That and then the U.S. EU not That is a scam of democracy? this is more That clearly also by the loss of monetary sovereignty ] Has Turkish police used water cannons tear gas and bullets of for rubber disperse demonstrators in Istanbul and Ankara. The events are started in with regard to plans of government of impose restrictions on internet. According to the defenders of the rights the measures approved by Parliament last week contemplating an greater control of the State on internet. to turn authorities say That Has the law the purpose of restrict access to porn sites in particular web resources containing child pornography.
09.01.2014 08:22 The EU is worried of the of the dismissals policemen Turkey
... European Union is worried of the of the dismissals policemen and Turkey calls of investigate all complaints on the... of the European Commission Olivier Bailly. "We call on Turkey as a candidate country of commitments for...
08/01/2014 22:07 Turkey fired the managers of police in 16 provinces
... The government of Turkey Has today dismissed the leaders of police... the order of the Ministry of Interior of Turkey there are the leaders of the direction of Ankara...
01/07/2014 20:00 Ankara after the operation fired hundreds of anti-corruption cops
... Has the turkish government decided of dismiss 350 of agents...
01.06.2014 16:14 The government of Turkey wants the review of on the process attempt of the coup of 2003
... attempt for weaken the influence of the in the Turkish armed forces the political process in the country. Online Editors

King of Saudi Arabia if we deportassimo all Palestinians Saudi Arabia and Syria to replace all Christians That thou hast killed? this not solve the problem of Israel because the current Palestine not is just for to live in safety the 12 Tribes of Israel That are scattered for the world! but if not them all in the back your desert? Then you'll be That one you'll die so for not give an little of desert you will lose everything and also the life! After all it is of destroy power That the Pharisees Anglo-American Spa IMF and their occult powers have won on the World! and destroy the power of the Illuminati Satanists? this would make us all sleep more peacefully. but at the same time we will not we think for an world without war if not us we think also to an world without sharia! and if not there is the political condition of security and of peace stable of course the Jews of not the world will be back!

TG 24 Syria about an hour ago [who not is must come from Syria Syrian! I macaws Unius REI ] Syria the Islamic state ISIL beheads 9 of terrorists the so-called brigadier Ahrar Al- Sham in DeirEzzour city district Jbeleh. Syria terrorists neutralized in an attempt of to attack the Christian city of and Saydnaya Shirubim the convent near the city.
A video where n the group of terrorists captured Iraq admits of belong to the organization of Al -Qaeda recruited by the military for Saudis and make terrorist actions place in car bombs different zones and areas for them make them against other populations explode and of the people of Iraq.
Damascus Syrian Arab Army forces in collaboration with agents of national defense block an attack from part of the armed terrorists belonging to " front Nusra Front " against the convent of "Al Shirobim " in the vicinity of on the outskirts of Saidnaia Damascus. with this conflict are were killed about 100 terrorists of some French nationality and Chechen Saudi Arabia. 8 macaws the martyrs fallen in the defense of convent of two of national defense. The Syrian Arab Army extends its operations against terrorism and terrorists as follows
1 ) progress in the area of Al-Shaikh Kajjar Industrial Zone ;
2 ) in progress direction of central heat-Town Tel Bilat ;
3 ) progress in the surroundings of the international airport Aleppo also towards Al Nairab military ;
4) progress towards the area of Al Marjeh.

TG 24 Syria. December 19 2013. Amnesty armed groups violate human rights committing crimes against humanity in Syria. [ Islamists is what That have always done in 1400 years without interruption! Who Has reset their crime is was the UN U.S. EU of Masonic system Spa IMF FED ECB for the destruction of the human race! ] [ In a new era of Satan is rising at the horizon the Islamists are facilitating! ] Amnesty International Has accused armed groups and militants linked to al- Qaeda of grave violations of the human rights. The organization with headquarters to London HAS said Thursday That the militants sponsored from abroad are involved in kidnappings and torture killing of the detained in secret prisons. HAS also That said the Islamic State in Iraq and in the of the Levant which is affiliated to al-Qaeda ( ISIL ) Has having children of eight years in a prisoner " conditions and cruel inhuman " along and with adults there HAS sentenced to severe floggings. Former detainees told as macaws were tortured with electric shocks beaten with belts of rubber cables and locked in painful positions known as " position of scorpion " in where the wrists of a prisoner are tied behind their backs.

[ Islamists is That they have always done in 1400 years without interruption! Those who have raised Their crime again was the an U.S. EU the Masonic system Spa IMF FED ECB for the destruction of mankind! ] [T new era of Satan is rising at the horizon the Islamists are Facilitating it! ] Has Amnesty International accused the armed groups and militants linked to al- Qaeda for serious violations of human rights. The London-based organization said Thursday That militants sponsored from abroad are involved- in kidnappings torture and killing of detainees in secret prisons. He Also Said That the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant affiliated with al-Qaeda ( ISIL ) held captive children of eight years in " cruel and inhumane conditions " along with adults and sentenced them to severe beatings. Former detainees have Told how they were tortured with electric shocks beaten with rubber straps or cables and locked in painful positions etc....

king saudi arabia everyone knows it even the children only one is justice neutral impartial universal therefore not there's any justice different for Israelis and Palestinians I am Unius REI universal justice alive if you know believe have faith in that is have faith in me you can live again! and thanks to your faith also the human race will live again! We had confidence in you!

king saudi arabia we believe That the greatest miracle both the intelligence That is in the service of love as political value the common good the universal brotherhood! that's why we hate of being forced to violate the laws of nature we will not we have an the problem with the power then demons aliens satanists not can dominate on the the world of men because the Spirit Ghost dwells in of all men good will HE is perfect!

king saudi arabia [1. I've uploaded too many videos Which condemn the Israelis and That protect the Palestinians ] [2. No One Can Say That for me the life of to jew it is more important to the life of Muslim. I am to jew victim bankink of seigniorage 666 Kabbalah Talmud the Pharisees the Illuminati esoteric agenda human sacrifices IMF NWO? ] [ BUT THIS IS THE TRUTH ] 1. ILLUMINATI Pharisees Bildenberg Masonic system IMF- Nwo work to make us all the peoples only to bunch of slaves I know Satan That may be all in all JaBullOn 2. Israelis are struggling to survive 3. Palestinians guilty Because for your sharia caliphate world struggling to conquer the world along with your whole galaxy of jihadists Islamic terrorists! [ this is why only in your hands is the solution Because The human race can continue to survive ]

king saudi arabia [1. I Has loaded too many videos That condemning the Israelis and That protect the Palestinians ] [2. no one can say That for me life of an jew is more importantly of life of an Muslim macaws perhaps I an jew victim of bank seigniorage the Talmud the Pharisees human sacrifices of IMF NWO? ] [ BUT THIS is THE TRUTH ] 1. ILLUMINATI Pharisees Bildenberg Masonic system IMF-Nwo work for make of us all peoples an only herd of slaves so that Satan may be all in all JaBullOn 2. Israelis are fighting for survive 3. Palestinians for guilt of your sharia worldwide caliphate fight for take over the world together to your whole galaxy of jihadists of Islamic terrorists! [ this is why only in your hands is the solution because the human race will continue to survive ]

roi arabie saoudite [1. J'ai Telecharge n trop grand nombre de videos here condamnent les Israéliens et que de les protéger Palestiniens ] [2. I say personne peut que pour moi the streets of a Juif il est plus important the way towards a musulman. Je suis n Juif victime de bankink seigneuriage the Kabbale 666 the Talmud les pharisiens Illuminati agenda ésotérique sacrifices humains the IMF NWO? ] [ CORN c'est la vérité ] 1. ILLUMINATI pharisiens Bildenberg système maçonnique the IMF Nwo ​​ Travail pour faire de nous tous les peuples que n tas of esclaves Satan afin que soit tout en tous JaBullOn 2. Israéliens ont du mal à survivre 3. Palestiniens parce que coupable pour votre sharia caliphate monde luttant conquérir pour le monde avec ensemble de votre galaxie des djihadistes les terroristes islamistes! [ C'est pourquoi que dans vos mains east of the solution parce que la race humaine peut continuer à survivre ]

König Saudi-Arabien [1. Ich habe zu viele Videos die die zu Israelis verurteilen Hochgeladen und das die schützen Palästinenser ] [2. niemand kann sagen dass für mich das Leben eines Juden Wichtiger es ist das Leben eines Muslim. Ich bin ein Jude Opfer von bankink Seigniorage 666 Kabbalah Talmud die Pharisäer Illuminati Agenda Esoterische Menschenopfer IWF the NWO? ] [ ABER das ist die Wahrheit ] ein. ILLUMINATI Pharisäer Bildenberg Freimaurer -System IWF-Nwo Arbeit um uns to Völker von nur ein Haufen Sklaven so dass alles in Satan allem JaBullOn 2 sein. Israelis kämpfen um zu überleben 3. Palästinenser denn schuldig für: Ihre Scharia Kalifat Welt kämpfen um die Welt zu Erobern zusammen mit der ganzen Galaxie von Dschihadisten die islamischen Terroristen! [das ist nur warum in den Händen ist die Solution weil die menschliche Rasse weiter zu überleben ]

король Саудовской Аравии [1. Я загрузил слишком много видео которые осуждают израильтян и что защитить палестинцев ] [2. никто не может сказать что для меня жизни еврея это более важно жизнь мусульманина. Я еврей жертва из bankink сеньораж каббала 666 Талмуд фарисеи иллюминаты эзотерическая повестка дня человеческие жертвоприношения МВФ СВО? ] [ НО это правда ] 1. Иллюминаты фарисеи Bildenberg система масонской МВФ Nwo работа чтобы сделать нас все народы только гроздь рабов так что сатана может быть в целом JaBullOn 2. Израильтяне борются за выживание 3. Палестинцы потому виновным для ваш шариата халифата мире изо всех сил пытается завоевать мир вместе с всей вашей галактики джихадистов исламских террористов! [ именно поэтому только в ваших руках это решение потому что человеческая раса может продолжать выжить ]

王沙特阿拉伯,[1。我已經上傳了許多影片,其中譴責了以色列,而且,保護巴勒斯坦人] [2。沒有人能說的是,對我來說,一個猶太人的生命,更重要的是,一個穆斯林的生活。我是一個猶太人,受害者,bankink鑄幣稅,卡巴拉666,塔木德,法利賽人,光明,深奧的議程,人的犧牲,國際貨幣基金組織,NWO? ] [但是这 是 事实] 1. ILLUMINATI法利賽人,Bildenberg,共濟會制度,國際貨幣基金組織NWO,工作,讓我們所有的人民,只有一堆奴隸,讓撒旦可能是這一切的一切,JaBullOn,2。以色列人都在艱難度日,3。巴勒斯坦人,因為內疚,因為:你的伊斯蘭教法,哈里發世界,奮力征服世界,伴隨著聖戰者伊斯蘭恐怖分子,你的整個星系! [这 就是 为什么只有 在 你 的 手中是 解决 方案因为 人类 可以 继续 生存]

왕 사우디 아라비아 [1. 내가 이스라엘 을 비난 너무 많은 동영상 을 업로드 하고 [2 ] 팔레스타인 을 보호 하는 것. 아무도 나를 위해 유대인 의 생활 그것은 무슬림 의 삶 보다 중요 하다 말할 수 없습니다. 나는 유태인 피해자 bankink 의 군주 의 특권 으로 밀교 666 탈무드 바리새인 일루미나티 비 의 의제 인간 의 희생 IMF NWO 어디로? 】 【 하지만 이 사실 은 ] 1. ILLUMINATI 바리새인 Bildenberg 프리메이슨 시스템 IMF- NWO 일 사탄 은 모두 모두 JaBullOn 2 가 될 수 있도록 우리 에게 노예 만 잔뜩 모든 사람 을 만들 수 있습니다. 이스라엘 은 생존 을 위해 3 어려움 을 겪고 있다. 팔레스타인 때문에 대한 유죄 지하드 이슬람 테러리스트 의 당신 의 온 은하계 와 함께 세계 를 정복 하기 위해 고군분투 당신 의 샤리아 칼리프 세계! [ 왜 단지 당신 의 손 에 인류 가 생존 을 계속할 수 있기 때문에 솔루션 이 입니다 ]

 Ukraine Lavrov risk out of control [ any political mistake may have done the Ukrainian politicians not this can justify an shot of state ie in an Country of features free democratic elections is the minority That is violating democratic rules instigated by a foreign enemy! Why when those protesters of going armed molotov bombs against the palaces of government is That light it is of an shot of the State! U.S. EU of the need to stop and cause of incite! ] ' No European country to tolerate the violence that occurred Kiev '. Jan. 21 09:42 MOSCOW Ukrainian '' the situation is getting out of hand '' and '' That those they are doing the ' pogrom ' in breach of any European standard '' behavior the HAS said foreign Minister Sergei Russian Lavrov. Recalling the launch of petrol bombs and other violence the Minister Has supported That of what happened to recent not Kiev it would be tolerated no European country.

Jan. 21 9:51 [ok! and how you put it with the imminent invasion of Turkey? the system of Freemasonry of Pharisees Bildenberg Anglo- Americans IMF Nwo HAS so pumped these Muslims That they are doing a lot in projects great! ] THE GLEN there also the Canadian driver Jacques Villeneuve between the parties concerned to citizenship " for sale " in accordance with an plan of the Maltese government. There would also an international singer an and the South American footballer an tycoon Use of printing. Vice-President of days ago Reding the EU Commission had criticized the initiative of Malta That provides for the obligation of citizenship without residence to 650.000 €. The Premier Has Muscat reaffirmed That not the government want to give up the project.

 Ukraine Kiev 120 officers injured. Lavrov European governments to support the opposition indecent. Jan. 21 09:57. KIEV [all the Nazis Bildenberg afraid of andre aal vote in fact if the Europeans were to vote? Would end tomorrow this of europe antichrists Herman Van Rompuy Merkel Obama of Masonic system JaBullOn of esoteric agenda IMF Nwo the scam of the Pharisees Illuminati Spa GMOs Morgellons Jahbulon DataGATE god owl at the Bohemian Grove 322 etc... for stealing the Monetary Sovereignty! ] And ' rose to 120 the number of the Ukrainian policemen injured in clashes with anti-government protesters That to continue unabated Kiev in the early afternoon of Sunday. He does know the Ukrainian Interior Ministry specifying That 80 agents are were admitted to hospital. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Has That said European governments are giving an shameful support for the opposition. '' The situation-HAS added-is getting out of hand.''

King of Saudi Arabia and why we need to see an good boy That he is born in Turkey Saudi Arabia etc... That you kill against an another good guy That he is born in Iran etc... just because you are of the perverts That you want to conquer the world? We fight among of us and let alone That boys they can live their lives ugly excrement of a slut Pig hell! Yemen Islamic leader wounded son A few hours before the rebels assassinated mediator Shia [21 gen.2104 ] Lebanon suicide car bomb 4 deaths. Breach in the district in the south of Beirut. Afghanistan seized 60 deminers Local employees of a British company Lebanon to strong explosion Beirut Hezbollah stronghold. Red Cross at least an dead

New clashes in Ukraine. Yanukovych launches an appeal for dialogue the opposition says " fuck you! We want the civil war." 01/20/2014 Vatican Radio. [ The pathological situation That of imperialism Anglo- americanici Pharisees Masonry Religion Jahbulon IMF-Nwo Spa Rothschild is creating in Ukraine ] Last update January 21. KIEV 20. Ramps protest opposition Ukraine and in the center of Kiev back tension. On the day of yesterday the capital is was the scene of violent clashes That Done That at least two hundred wounded among which at least a hundred policemen. The Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich HAS showed the first signs of last night opening promising of starting today to communicate with his political opponents (the minority Nazi That with impunity violate the rules of democracy of a democratic consultation and pushes for an authoritarian solution ) as HAS secured Vitali Klitschko one of the opposition leader That to Has the night raised the specter of a civil war. The United States meanwhile threaten sanctions if not cease the violence (which themselves have fomented and incited ) to Kiev (as in Sirai and in all the rest of world ie the trap meditica of monopoly of money IMF-Nwo and of corresponding information distorted netWork TV of Jewish lobbies diverted of real Satanists That they planned the destruction of Israel). "From the beginning says a note of White House movement Has Maidan had a spirit of non-violence ( lol. just gandiano ) and we support the call of the leader of the opposition to favor of this principle. Washington will continue to consider additional measures including sanctions in response to the use of violence. " About two hundred thousand people you are yesterday gathered behind the barricades in the center of the capital for demonstrate peacefully ( with bombs and molov sbranghe of iron ) against an of the package read highly criticized by the opposition and That among other things strengthening the penis for to those who participate in events not authorized (see:. takes hostage the instructions above by the armed assault on the palaces of power and look of do the shot of the State). The violence are erupted in evening when some of thousands demonstrators they tried of forward ( well-armed ) to the palaces of power (in fact for putting her hands to her throat of democratically elected government ) we are born very hard clashes with the police That they are for protracted all night. The protesters threw stones and smoke bombs but also many Molotov cocktails That set fire to at least six half of the forces of order ( minor details ). The officers responded with tear gas and with water jets. Has the opposition immediately accused the government of triggering riots [ this is really pathetic a total lie! is also true miracle That until now no one is dead! ] For clear the square. Has Vitali Klitschko sought of calm the crowd but it is to state in turn attacked while some extremists (ie the Nazis Europhiles ) gave him of " traitor" (hence the mob -Europeans are the enemies of dialogue with the institutions and attack also their representative! ). And it is was the same Klitschko after an meeting with Viktor Yanukovich to say That the head of the State would promise of establish already today " That a committee comprising representatives of the Presidential Administration of and the government the opposition for finding a solution to the situation of crisis. " to late at night the opposition leader HAS then told of not exclude power a civil war if the Government not stop of resort to violence and HAS stated That you must do " everything possible for prevent an bath of blood." [ Just for this for prevent That the situation deteriorates further for prevent the corpses That the Masonic system should be looking for I ordered That this charade must end immediately! ] And arrest them processateli all!
New clashes in Ukraine. Yanukovych launches an appeal for dialogue the opposition says " Fuck you! We want a civil war." 01/20/2014 Vatican Radio. [ That the pathological situation of imperialism Anglo- americanici Pharisees IMF-Nwo Spa Rothschild is creating in Ukraine ] Ukraine. New clashes to Kiev after That Sunday the violence had caused 150 injuries. also yesterday thousands of are people took to the street for protesting against the President Viktor Yanukovych for having rejected the agreement with European Union. Support for the event is was expressed by the opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko That is located in state of detention. and EU foreign ministers expressed "deep concern" for the law passed last Thursday That strongly limits of the protests the square. Meanwhile the Ukrainian president launches an call for dialogue for finding an compromise and to pacify the country. on the background then the rift in the country between Europeans and supporters of pro-Russian line of government. of the implications on the of the plan international relations Fausta Has Hope spoke with Daniel De Luca professor at the University of Salento
R.-The implications under normal conditions should be set because here there is a clear violation of freedom of expression on the part of an people. also this law just passed practically prohibits protests. is a law due to the latest events the first rejection of the President of Ukraine to meet the demands of the of the protesters square. Keep in mind however That the Ukrainian president not is new to these things. in the moment in which the square was protesting in the december same also strengthened covenant That would point to as an agreement of loyalty to Moscow an agreement of loyalty to Russia. if Russia in fact in that covenant to take responsibility and bought the debt of Ukraine to this point would be completely in the hands of Ukraine Moscow.
D.-We speak of other actors of each other? We are the European Union on the one hand and in Moscow on the other but not only...
R.-Not alone. We of background an energy issue and I think That both under the eyes of all. Ukraine but in Russia especially can block the passage of gas to Europe. So first of all an agreement between Ukraine and Europe would have been extremely convenient for us Europeans. Then there's the matter of the human rights and in general also the role not only of a force diplomatic That Has Europe less and less but you have to see also which might be the role of the United States. Use the are interested in entering in a contrast with Russia also on this issue? I think of not (I think of Yes! Why Has the IMF desperately in need of war world for hide her of fraud forgery That budget not can be controlled by any state in the world being the IMF Spa multinational private Rothschild Bush Saudi Arabia world Bank of of the above every state sovereignty ) That I the United States of over the years the administration Obama not have any intention of get in contrast with no country for reaffirm those That macaws their legitimate rights ( of the situation Kosovo Libya Iraq of Syria say quite the opposite! ).
D.-There is the impression That in this moment there is some sort of arm of iron between European Union and for Russia Ukrainian affair but That there is also more to redefine the reports. is so?
R.-That I Ukraine is an simple tool of reappropriation of That strong international role Russia had lost once block collapsed Soviet-the Soviet Union in particular and That in recent years is reaffirming instead more strongly ( the imperialist geopolitical macaws were made by the Pharisees Anglo- Americans in function of destroy all States That had their monetary sovereignty which is why the next victim must necessarily be Iran. and since with Iran closes the achievement of monetary union the planet that's why you can climb of level training of an only world Government that to bring raise Satanism and to destroy all the autonomies and all identity and religious political that is the enslavement universal Masonry Religion Jahbulon ). I repeat: Ukraine becomes a tool in the hands of Moscow for say " we are here we have our role." In addition Ukraine is one of the Countries That pretty much continues to be an cordon sanitaire to protection of Russia and there is always of background I emphasize also a question of security. There that is the intention on the part of Born by of the United States to deploy a number of weapons protective of defensive weapons around Russia and particularly the government opposed this course of Moscow.
D.-There are of the risks to render the instrument of other logics of other policies also large country and as important the Ukraine?
R.-I esordirei That said there could be. if not there will be is because at the end of many we will look the other way besides the fact That Russia HAS also need of make a loud voice abroad because maybe HAS more problems also inside. not forget That to short will begin the Winter Olympics and the problem of internal security Russia is extremely serious as well as it is demonstrated in the recent attacks. is an so so also of distract the public locally but also and international to depending of where you go to put the camera.

Ukraine uses gas and soporific ammanettali all! not democracy means anarchy or violence!

More blood to Baghdad [ and what is the news? Anywhere arrive Satanists Americans those of axonal Bildenberg system and their friends Saudi Salafis that is the one That happens all the time as also it's happening everywhere in the world and in Syria with the aggravating designed lucidly of the extermination of the Christians! but we will not dobbimo say That is of the guilt religions! ] BAGHDAD once again is the Iraqi capital was marked by the violence. Yesterday twenty-two people are death and more of sixty macaws remained wounded in a series of attacks. According to the reported sources of local police would deflagrate six car bombs. It is then learned That gunmen attacked a prison of Baghdad after clashes with guards they released a number of prisoners. Meanwhile reports the Agence France Presse That the Iraqi Government Has announced an offensive on large scale against Al -Qaeda in the province of Al Anbar. [ al- Qaeda in which shop can buy bazuca RPG? from the filing of MECCA sharia imperialism? ]

Peace to late Bangui [ the pathological situation of ARAB LEAGUE and his aggression policy of and financing logistics of galaxy jihadist for impose sharia in the world all of the devil That lives in the CABA to Mecca the negzione of each integration Kosovo and in the world then everyone will understand the world without war fraud and forgery budget of World Bank IMF That HAS printed money for more than 50 times the gross domestic product of planet for put it in the ass of the poor people robbed! ] January 20 2014. not stop the violence in Central Republic and in the same capital Bangui where National Council of transition ( NTC) is ready to elect an interim president in charge of to lead the country general election. You try that is of realize the breakthrough recorded ten days ago during an summit of of the European Economic Community the countries of Central Africa ( ECCAS ) in the Chadian capital N'Djamena with the removal from power of the self- president Djotodia Michel leader of Seleka ( Islamists ) the coalition of former rebel author shot of the State That in the last March had overthrown President François Bozizé. The NTC sort of Parliament established after the coup of State of Seleka () to whose militias are added to those of International Islamic thousands of fighters of Islamic fundamentalism coming from abroad mainly from Chad and Sudan ) that's why [ in recent months troops of the local population formed precisely as Christians we are a data organization against those of seleka ] HAS admitted 19 candidates. in the meantime however the city and the country remain hostage of the militias opposed despite the deployment of and the French military contingent of Misca mission originally sent by the and ECCAS passed the December 19 for warrant of of the Council the UN security ( friend of the of the Nazis ARAB LEAGUE deniers of the human rights) under the responsibility of African Union [ which has taken a new turn LEAGUE ArABA2 ].

none of the articles written about a little while ago
 are visible to me from this channel and yet is the same gmail. This is also serious abuse of democracy and not I are violent as of the pro-Europeans in Kiev Ukraine.
dominus uniusrei. fuck you youtube google+? he treats me better! lol. not all Satanists are so acidic as you!

The fact That Rothschild ( few Pharisees Satanists Illuminati masters of and the world of bank seigniorage the World Bank the monetary fund ) puts it to you in the hole of ass for you have become the his accomplice number one. This not authorizes you to it put it in the hole of ass of: Benjamin Netanyahu because behind of him there is an people and I do not I believe That a few people and That no people should be able to suffer of the crime its leaders for your wickedness and ideological religious of geopolitical expansionism of conquest of world jihad sharia for your caliphate world that is the new Ottoman empire! You've enjoyed it too in Kosovo Iraq Libya Syria etc... In addition 50 Islamic nations of the Arab League all friends of the Nazis UN Bildenberg EU USA That have made of the genocide many 50 nations of Christians. Why this is evident on the genocide and on intolerance thou hast set all the reports of diversity!
This Has demonstrated history when there were Christians in the early centuries Islam Has developed art music engineering mathematics mysticism with the Dervishes etc... whereas today Erdogan not still unable to admit the genocide of the Armenians or to rehabilitate the suppression of the dervishes and where it comes from your curse the situation ( punishment of for death and apostasy blasphemy violation of freedom of religion etc... ) becomes worse of Nazism itself and if Herman Van Rompuy and all his evil congregation for Satan JabullOn in Freemasonry IMF 322 Nwo Merkel Obama and if not them they were Satanists? All this thou not you would have never been able to do! That's why for not advance the Satan of Masonic system of esoteric agenda I are forced to you destroy an preemptive nuclear attack of Israel. In contrast for have pity of you? they must be condemned if at the same extinction as That all the peoples macaws have been the victims of your Satanism pervert. and of course not is with the chatter That you can defend yourself because the hundreds of corpses That you produce every day you condemn!

 Central Africa: Amnesty civilians escape [not there is an litigation with Islam but with imperialism intolerant of sharia only we are tired of the your Muslims massacres facts behind the complicity of all the false democracies Masonic of bank seigniorage! ] President recovers Christian militias under control [ of self-defense ]. Jan. 21 13:50. The civilians of the Muslim community in the Central African Republic for fear the attacks of the of the Christian militias anti- self-defense Balaka (ie of Islamic That have caused too many murders of mold and ethnic religious ) and are fleeing in mass towards the Chad ( perhaps is a news inflated That not lessen the seriousness of policy evaluation the LEAGUE Arabic must stop of make its policies of aggression genocide and intolerance in the whole world ). The complaint Amnesty International That urges the neoletta interim president Catherine Samba Panza to urgently bring the militias under control. Two days ago researchers of NGOs have visited the city ' of Boali to north of the capital and have found That the Muslim neighborhoods were deserted.

king saudi arabia you just do not you can say " I not are responsible for all this! " [ Are two years That I'm threatening through an preemptive nuclear attack when it will happen? no one can say That I not I warned you! ] Pakistan anti- polio team attacked killed four health workers. Yemen Islamic leader wounded son A few hours before the mediator assassinated Shiite rebels Lebanon car bomb suicide 4 dead. Breach in the district in the south of Beirut. Afghanistan kidnapped 60 deminers. Local employees of a British company. Lebanon loud explosion to Beirut. in Hezbollah stronghold. Red Cross at least an dead

Jan. 21 14:16 TEL AVIV [ silly That one you're doing not HAS sense! because you trample on the tail of a snake? and let me clear my head that is full of deadly poison that is the Pharisees Illuminati IMF World Bank and the Salafi Saudis like you went to to swear Jah-Bul -On Jah -Bel- On JaBullOn also you? ]'' If and Hamas other terrorist organizations have forgotten the lesson we will remember him very hard and very soon.'' Has it said the prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu quoted by the media during a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Jan. 21 14:25 [ that is the maximum of perversion lies you have brought the jihadists That they do these things then not to them means they succumb! ] LONDON [ David Cameron the British Prime Minister where are African demon the two Orthodox bishops? because you have destroyed all the Christian churches? where are the sisters of the monastery of Santa Tecla December 7 2013 Al Jazeera spreads an of the video religious kidnapped " We're fine we will be free in two days." Where is Father Paul dall'Oglio (Rome November 17 1954 ) is also an Italian Jesuit is known for having re-established in Syria in the eighties the monastic community Catholic Syriac Mar Musa (Monastery of St. Moses the Abyssinian ) the heir of a tradition coenobitic and a hermit dating from the sixth century. ] [ the images contained in tea on the relationship murder and torture in Syria are '' revealing and horrible.'' Has it said the British Foreign Secretary William Hague of of the front of the room municipalities commenting on the results of the research conducted by an group of solicitors and of experts forensic medicine of internationally renowned specialize in crimes of war. Has Hague harshly criticized the '' systematic violence and brutality '' of the Syrian regime [ but me how Muslims their ethnic make Pulia of Shiites and of Christians and not you you can pretend of not you know all this!

 LONDON murderers Masons of shit! [ David Cameron the British prime minister demon of Africa British Foreign Minister William Hague of in front of the Room of the Municipalities as Assad could defend his people from jihadists terrorists that make any genocide under your coverage they used also chemical weapons you have protected funded Al- Qaeda and this not can not be denied! you have attacked a sovereign state through the galaxy jihadist that is the international Islamic of sharia global caliphate for do the dhimmi slaves are all dead! of the of your accomplices the Arab League for the imperialism of sharia! you are an affront to the survival of the human race!

Jan. 21 15:26 TOKYO [ each animal That you can eat is was given by God to man but is better to become vegetarians we should feel the suffering of the animals too ] The dolphin hunt is a traditional part of " food culture " of Japan " is of the wisdom civilization mutual respect of the points of view." Yoshinobu Nisaka governor of prefecture of Wakayama HAS rejected the findings advanced U.S. Ambassador to Tokyo Caroline Kennedy That HAS criticized an tweet the " inhumanity of dolphin hunting " age-old practice putting in the act of fishing bay of Taiji a town known for to hunt whales and dolphins with traditional methods.

Jan. 21 15:21. ROME [who milks the cow monetary sovereignty stolen by the Freemasons Bildenberg are: 1. The Illuminati World Bank Spa Satanists International Monetary Fund and then they disappear to zero the balance sheet with their three scams where no judge can ever put your nose do you charge to them the devoted of the banks ] The sufferings banking touch now share 150 billion. According to the latest report from ABI gross NPLs to november were in fact equal to 149.5 billion (+22 % compared to an years ago ) whereas the net are to go up 76.6. The total of the debtors Has suffering to overcome September and 1.2 million That touches both large small loans.

Jan. 21 13:54. ROME [ increasing the current levels of taxation means destroying the welfare state the future of the generations create an point of not return social tensions do die of starvation desperation and suidicio of thousands people but not is of course in the humanity of the Pharisees loan sharks loan sharks That we can hope because they are demons Illuminati by Jah-Bul -On of Kabbalah and Talmud the Masonic system Bildenberg of esoteric agenda they will all end in tragedy because they are the new age of Satan! ]'' It calms cappellacci not we plan of putting any new taxes but to think responsible for reductions companies and for the citizens.'' Has it said Francis Pigliaru the candidate of the center of the presidency Sardinia Region Forum ANSA. Speaking of tea regional elections says '' We aim to and win well to win wide. Broad understandings? not with me'' because with the current governor of Region Ugo cappellacci (PDL) '' us '' opposite.

king saudi arabia if you have something to argue? you can always discuss with me on this page! JERUSALEM Jan. 21-The Israeli Government Has approved an plan for "the construction of 381 new housing units for settlers in West Bank to Givat Zeev." Has it said spokesman Israeli NGO Peace Now Lior Amihai. [ Of course I Has authorized this! ] Pakistan bomb against bus 12 dead The vehicle was carrying Shiite worshipers from Iran. n new attack on the Italian cemetery of Tripoli it is verified in the night between Sunday and Monday the budget local press reports is of a security guard killed and some graves damaged. The first attack of Saturday That according to media liars was due to the nostalgia of Gaddafi is arrived a few days later the kidnapping of two Italian workers.

Jan. 21 14:43. PARIS you Bildenberg Masons of esoteric agenda IMF-NWO Satanists of shit sons of Rothschild of thieves monetary sovereignty! is the value of this That you give to human life for you people are use and throws! [ Not you you have not even the idea of as can go down in moral disgust all the French company! ] The dame premiere Valerie Trierweiler is always at the residence of state of Lanterns and according to sources is ready to forgive the president and to follow him into the to travel Washington on February 11. Has Hollande promised of clarify his personal situation first of visit in U.S. but his advisers are pressing because you can find a solution by the end of the week. The entourage would prefer celibacy of the President and the output of Trierweiler by the Elysée and from residences.